Mermaid 4th Birthday Party

Ariel had it all wrong, I wanna be where the mermaids are! Especially if this sassy four year old is there! I had such a blast planning this mermaid party. I, myself, was totally obsessed with mermaids growing up so I was so excited to see all of the little details come together so swimmingly;) And all for under a $100 budget!

Did you really even HAVE a party these days if there wasn’t some sort of photo op? I mean, pics or it didn’t happen right? Haha! I had seen a few of these too-cute-for-words mermaid tail balloon columns around pinterest and decided that I just had to take a whack at it! And it turned out to be way EASIER than I originally thought! And way cute too! Tutorial coming soon!

Crafts are a fun, easy activity for a kids party that also often doubles as a party favor (HOLLAH)! For this craft I simply traced the outline of a starfish onto light blue card stock, cut them out, and glued them to kabob sticks. I provided sequins, rhinestones, glitter glue, and ribbon for the kids to get creative (thank youuuu Dollar Tree). Mermaid starfish wands for the win!!

FISH FOOD FUN! Boy oh boy its crazy how simply adding labels to food items can make them THAT much cuter! Simple Goldfish crackers are transformed into “Flounder’s Friends” and gummy worms into “Fish Food”.I think my favorite part of the food table was the “Seaweed” that I made from colorful sour belts and those extra kabob sticks that I used for the starfish wands! They really popped on the food table – making them fun to eat and to look at!

The “Mercorn” was made using these fun, simple printables that I found here. They added such a fun element to the food table!

xoxo, party with carly

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