Minion 6th Birthday Party

I had such a fun time planning this cute little six year old’s fifth minion birthday party. Yep, you read that right. This was the FIFTH year in a row that he requested a minion theme! That means that every single year this boy could talk and voice his opinion, he stayed loyal to the Despicable Me minion crew. If that ain’t true love, I don’t know what is.

The balloons were the focal part of the little party for sure! The kids went wild for them and they really brought in a pop of color and fun to the room! I created a simple arch using balloon tape and then attached two giant balloons to the corners using balloon glue dots. And then, like all the other decor, I just plopped on some minion eyes that I printed off and cut out! So fun!

Every kid deserves to be the center of attention on their birthday, so why not paint their name on big wooden letters?! It also makes for a fun prop to take pictures with and a keepsake for years to come! So cute, so easy, thank you Michael’s Craft Store!

The food table was pretty cheap and easy to figure out. In addition to ice cream and homemade pizzas (YUM) that were over in the kitchen, we just had to have bananas! I mean come on, what is more minion than bananas?! I also wrapped the birthday boy’s favorite treat – twinkies – in these cutie printables that I found HERE – originally meant for push-up cakes. They turned out super cute! And then of course, the cake! The mother of the birthday boy makes her kids’ cakes each year and this one turned out adorable! I mean look at that little minion floatin’ around at the top!! Homemade with love!

xoxo, party with carly

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