Fairy Garden Party

This might just be one of my favorite parties yet! Fifi’s fairy 3rd birthday party was filled to the brim with pixie dust and fun! Some of the highlights of the party were the fairies only kids section, the fairy wings photo backdrop, the balloon garland, and the yummy themed treats!

“Fairies Only” Section

Because every birthday girl deserves a VIP dining section to enjoy with only her closest fairy friends! I had so much fun putting this little party section together. I decorated the table with overlapping chiffon fabrics in pastel colors with a fake rose garland that i got off of amazon down the center. On each of the chairs I tied a different color set of fairy wings with a matching wand set next to their alternating color flower plates. I used two garden poles and string to hang honeycomb chandeliers over the table and included a “Fairies Only” sign to post in front of the area.

Fairy Wings Photo Op

My inspiration for this piece came from all those cute butterfly wing murals that people stand in front of and post on instagram! I decided I wanted something like that for people to take pictures in front of at the party, but with a balloon twist.

To make this piece I simply bought four white foam boards and taped them together with packing tape. I then cut out the shape of a butterfly with scissors. Using about 100 5in pink balloons (use an air pump and save your lungs), I taped the balloons on and filled the cut out shape with packing tape. Hang or tape it to a wall of your liking and the magic is created!

Balloon Garland!

I made a classic balloon garland using two shades of pink and one white color. I used a balloon tape strip that you can find on amazon and added 4 pink 36in balloons at the end!

Fairy Themed Treats

To keep with the fairy theme, the treats included fairy fruit wands (fruit kabobs with watermelon stars at the top), butterfly dip (7 layer dip in the shape of a butterfly), and pixie dust wands (large pixie sticks with yellow paper stars at the top).

Not to mention this GORGEOUS cake made by granite bakery to add even more magic to the party!!

xoxo, party with carly

1 thought on “Fairy Garden Party

  1. You are the party queen. Seriously amazing, and gave these girls a magical party.

    Liked by 1 person

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