Dirty Thirty 80’s Ladies Dance Party

This is a party I had been looking forward to for months. I mean come on, 80’s theme? Bright colors?? DANCE PARTY??? Nothing sounds more fun in my book!

For this totally awesome 30th birthday i wanted to create 2 focal point backdrops that the girls could take pictures in front of – one at the entrance and one at the front of the dance floor.

For the first one i made a neon colored paper chain installation. I will do a full tutorial post on this soon.

And for the second one I made a balloon garland with pinks, yellows, and teals, as well as gold confetti balloons and hung it across the top. And of course, I just had to hang up “Dirty 30” in balloon letters at the center of the dance floor!

On the side walls of the dance floor, I cut out and taped up lots of neon geometric shapes to get that classic 80’s retro print vibe! As well as put up some poster board DIY boom box and mix tape wall decals!

The food table focal piece had to be this GORGEOUS 80’s cake from the Dessert Studio in American Fork, Utah. The neon “Saved By The Bell” vibes were UNREAL.

I filled gold sparkly champagne glasses with rainbow confetti as an extra treat and sprinkled the table with neon confetti and 80’s candy favorites.

We also had a glow stick station for the ladies to deck themselves out in glowing neon accessories and “glow crazy”.

HOW AMAZING IS THIS GIANT OLD CELL PHONE?! I about died when I saw it on amazon and just knew it HAD to make an appearance at the party!


party with carly

1 thought on “Dirty Thirty 80’s Ladies Dance Party

  1. AMAZING!! You captured it perfectly! What a fun party!

    Liked by 1 person

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