DIY Paper Chain Backdrop

It’s time to take elementary school crafts to the next level!

This DIY party backdrop is SO easy, a first grader could do it! With customizable colors and designs to suit your party, this party hack works for any celebration.

I got my inspiration from and followed the guidelines provided by The Pretty Life Girls. You can find their full tutorial right here.

All the supplies you need:

  • An assortment of colored paper – this do not need to be cardstock, any normal colored paper will do. I used this neon pack from amazon to go with my 80’s party.
  • A stapler – The guide I followed above used a hot glue gun, which looks slightly cleaner, however this project takes quite a bit of time and I found that staples are a MUCH quicker path
  • A backdrop stand – if you do not already have one of these you can find the one I used here. However, if you don’t wanna buy one yourself you can absolutely just use twine and some push pins and attach it to the wall, then hang the paper chains from there.

Once you come up with a design, flip on a movie and staple away! It helps to draw your design out on paper and inital each chain spot with the color you want in each space. It is also a good idea to number the tops of each of the chains for easy final assembly.

xoxo, party with carly

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