Whimsical Vintage Winnie the Pooh 1st Birthday

When my sister-in-law approached me with her vision for this oh so charming cake smash celebration for my nephew I was immediately giddy with all of the cute details ahead. My husband’s family takes a trip to Lake Tahoe every summer and my adorable nephew Charlie’s birthday just happened to fall during the week we had scheduled to go. Could you even ask for a more perfect setting for a Hundred Acre Wood party than the foresty backdrop of Lake Tahoe??

The gorgeous pastel color pallette of blues and yellows gave a more vintage twist to the classic Winnie the Pooh we all know and love and made it a whimsical scene full of cake and balloons.

My sister-in-law designed an adorable backdrop with Winnie the pooh floating on a balloon and a quote from the bear himself that says, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”. And that couldn’t be more true for the little birthday boy – he gives out smiles like halloween candy.

Okay and we just HAVE to spotlight this cake right here. Made by the infamously talented @neuroticmom on instagram, my husband’s extremely gifted cousin, this cake is just TO DIE FOR. The beehive on top even came off to be used as the birthday boy’s smash cake! DOUBLE WIN!

I painted these little flower pots with yellow dripping paint to look like honey and added the word “HUNNY” to the front of them to use as cupcake holders! We frosted them ourselves and added little candy bees! We also dipped donuts in yellow candy melts and added bees as well!

I even made a cute little “Charlie’s Hundred Acre Wood” sign from some wood pieces from Michaels and some acrylic paint. This was a fun and easy way to add the birthday boy’s name into the decor.

The cutest little honey sticks and honey stirrers served as the perfect party favors!

Here are just a few of my other favorite details from this magical Hundred Acre Woods Party.


Party with Carly

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