Homemade Confetti Recipe DIY

BREAKING NEWS PEOPLE: making confetti on your own at home is SO dang EASY! And you only need a couple things that you probably already have on hand. Keep reading to see why I never spend $$$ confetti!


What you need:

– Tissue paper in the color or colors of your choice (you know that colored paper you buy at target to stuff a last minute gift bag for someone?)

– Any sort of hole punch – single hole punch, three hole punch, star punch, heart punch, etc


1. Choose your colors of tissue paper

2. Turn on your favorite show/podcast/grab a friend to chat with

3. Punch out your confetti until you reach your desired quantity!

IT’S THAT EASY! You’re welcome.


Party with Carly

1 thought on “Homemade Confetti Recipe DIY

  1. so cute! thanks for sharing 🙂


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