Witch’s Cauldron Balloon Bubble Garland

What is more spooky than a deadly potion brewing from the cauldron of a witch?? And in this case, what is cuter??

Witch Bubble Balloon Garland:

What you need:

– 5 inch and 11inch balloons in white, light pink, aqua, and clear

– Fishing wire

– A balloon pump

– A black witch’s cauldron

– Command hooks

– String


1. Blow up all of the balloons with the balloon pump (please don’t try doing this by mouth – you might pass out)

2. As you blow them up, fill up two balloons of different size groupings and tie them together to seal them off.

3. Stack your various balloon groupings on top of each other, creating the shape you desire, and wrap the fishing wire in and out between the balloons until they are securely connected.

– In order to create the effect of bubbles or smoke coming out of the cauldron, I would start with your smaller balloons at the bottom and then gradually transition into your larger balloons.

4. Continue to follow this pattern until you run out of balloons or create the shape you want.

5. Rotate or position any balloons that need adjusting and hang on the wall with command hooks and string!

So easy a zombie could do it!!


Party with Carly

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