Snow Globe Balloon DIY

There’s snow place like globe!! Haha okay that was a bad joke. BUT these snow globe balloons are sure to be a hit! Make them as a fun winter craft with your kiddos or as party decor for your next holiday soiree!

Time: One episode of Gilmore Girls

What You Need:

– Clear Balloons (I got mine from Zurchers here)

– Card stock epaper in colors of your choice

– Snow confetti

– White puff balls

– Stapler

– Scissors

– Low temp hot glue gun or packing tape if you’re in a pinch!

How To Make It:

1. Stuff your clear balloons with snow confetti, puff balls, and/or whatever cute christmas-y things you can fit in there!

2. Blow up your balloon to desired size and tie shut. Pro tip: balloons tend to inflate in sort of an oval shape. To get the round snow globe look, blow it up a bit larger than you want, then push the balloon down around the top as you release some air to reach your desired size.

3. Cut a strip of colored paper for the base. I cut mine about 3inches tall and 11inches wide. Staple ends together.

4. Using a low-temp (in order to not pop your balloon and get confetti everywhere) hot glue gun, glue together the base and your confetti stuffed balloon. If you are in a pinch and you need something quick, you can connect the base and balloon together in the back with a strip of packing tape.

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