DIY Balloon Christmas Wreath

What You Need:

– 40 balloons in various shades of green, and about 5 or 6 in pink, red, or the colors of your choice to act as ornaments

– Balloon pump (to save your breath)

– Wreath frame (I used a 24” from Michaels)

– Balloon glue or packing tape

How To Make It:

– Blow up your green balloons and push down on them from the top to make them as round as possible while you release air to your desired balloon size (mine were around 7”).

– Before you tie them off, tie each balloon to the wire on the wreath frame. Be sure to alternate your shade of green.

– Tie as many of your green balloons all the way around the frame

– Blow up your red and pink balloons and any extras you may have and tie them off normally. These will be placed around the wreath to fill in any gaps and to add on the ornaments.

– Use balloon glue dots or packing tape to secure the extra balloons on. Pro tip: place them without the tape first to be sure you are happy with the positioning, because once they are taped they are very hard to get off without popping!

Tis the season of crafting!



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