Pink Peppermint Favorite Things Holiday Party

I have been dreaming up this party for MONTHS!! I love planning parties, but hosting them is my absolute FAVORITE! That’s what lit the party planning fire under me in the first place!

Let’s be honest, what holiday do i NOT add pink to?? Haha as I dreamed up my pink color scheme for this party, pink peppermint theme felt like the perfect fit! Like valentine’s day but make it christmas haha!

I had seen this gorg jumbo balloon ornaments all over the internet and i just knew i NEEDED them at my party! They are so easy and fun to make. I will link the DIY here.

THIS PLAID BACKDROP THOUGH. What says christmas more than plaid??? This is such an EASY DIY backdrop that you can alter the colors for to fit any party theme!

Okay um, I really don’t think there is any other cake on earth more perfect then Meriel from @mmmdessert ‘s pink chocolate peppermint cake. LITERALLY the best cake I have ever tasted and it fit with the theme so perfectly. She NAILED it!

These ombre helium balloons are legit the easiest way to create a cute and easy backdrop for your cake table. Just get bunches of balloons in 4+ different shades that fit your theme and tape them to the floor at varying heights! VOILA!

3 thoughts on “Pink Peppermint Favorite Things Holiday Party

  1. Love this so much!

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  2. Oh my goodness this is adorable!!!

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    1. Ahhh thank you so much! That means the world to me!💕

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