Hosting Hack for those Pre-Party Jitters

Have you ever thrown or hosted a party and had that awful thought creep into your mind a few hours before saying, “BUT WHAT IF NO ONE SHOWS UP??”

TRUST ME girl, I have been there. Inviting people to a party can be vulnerable! And especially when its game time, our minds start to eat away at us with anxiety.

Here is my number 1 hosting tip for pre-party jitters that I have seriously been using since I was in Middle School!


For real! It works! By asking your bff to come over at least a half hour early you are guaranteed to not feel as nervous about no one showing up! That way, you have someone there with you if people come late and it puts your mind at ease.

And worst case, if no one actually did show up (which like never happens don’t worry lol), it can still be a party with you and your bff and a bunch of yummy food! HIT THE ROAD PARTY ANXIETY!

So next time you are throwing together a shindig, call up your closest girlfriend to come by early and help you out! Party nerves cured!



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