My #1 Tip for Party Planning


Yes, you. I am going to fill you in on a little secret. Okay, well actually a BIG SECRET. In fact this is my NUMBER ONE philosophy when it comes to planning an event. It is a universal event hack that, once you understand it and embrace it, will open your mind to the reality of how to create an incredible event.

Alright here it is:





That is the key. An event can only really ever be two of three things – fast, cheap, and amazing. You can have a fast and cheap event, but it’s not likely to be all that amazing. You can have a fast and amazing event, but it definitely won’t be cheap. And you can have a cheap and amazing event but it will take a great deal of time on your end and probably involve a lot of DIYs!

SO, when you are planning your event it is vital to first decide which of these is the most important to you and what are you willing to sacrifice? Perhaps you really want an amazing event but don’t have the time or the bandwith to put in all the work yourself – that’s when you sacrifice putting in more money towards people like event planners (helloooo there girl ;)), caterers, balloon artists, etc. to help you make an incredible event. Or perhaps you are on a tight budget but you still want to throw a rockin party, that’s where DIY’s and pinterest and (plug) all the fun and crafty ideas on my blog come in handy! 😉

At the end of the day, you just gotta be realistic when planning your party. Really think about what is most important to you and then take the next steps necessary in order to create an awesome event. And never be afraid to ask for help! I am always here for you, girl.



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